The newest effort by INDIEFILMS LLC Director/Producer Tom Balsamides and  Director Tamara Balsamides, A TICKING TIME BOMB, is 60 minutes of information packed storytelling revealing the many difficulties people who have Lyme Disease must live with before they, hopefully, get diagnosed properly and get the correct treatments.

Most people are unaware, but the devastating effects of Lyme Disease impacts many people. A good majority of them don't even know they actually have Lyme because the medical system is so inept at diagnosing and treating the problem. 

A TICKING TIME BOMB reveals the dark human side of the pain and suffering people with Lyme must deal with. Tom Balsamides wife Tamara, suffered with Lyme for 15 + years before she got a handle on what was going on and her journey led to the making of this film.

Her inspiration, dedication and steadfast exploration to face the hurdles and overcome them, is in large part, a testament to the clarity and focus this film gives to the problem. Known as "the silent epedemic" A TICKING TIME BOMB is a must see film for anyone interested in or affected by Lyme Disease. 

                                                        A TICKING TIME BOMB

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